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Ingredients & Research

The majority of vitiligo sufferers believe there is nothing that can be done for vitiligo.
Our most frequently asked question is “How does this product work?”
Understanding how Vitiligo Organics works requires an appreciation of how the skin is impacted by vitiligo, as well as the attributes of the medicinal ingredients both independently and in combination.

Skin Structure & Function

The Skin as an Organ

The skin is a complex organ, providing physical protection as well as controlling temperature, permitting touch sensation, absorbing (and reflecting) UV light and acting as the first line of defence in the immune system.

The skin is a complex organ, Our skin is divided into several layers, each including its own functional elements. In healthy skin, all of these elements work cohesively to protect us.

Functional Skin Cells

The outermost layer of the skin is called the epidermis, it consists of several layers and contains four major cell types

  • Keratinocytes (Barrier cells),
  • Melanocytes (Pigment Cells),
  • Langerhans cells (Immune cells), and
  • Merkel cells (Sensory).
Vitiligo Organics

Skin cells are held together by desmosomes, and the cells are protected and fortified by keratohyalin and lamellar granules.

About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease with highly visible symptoms of skin depigmentation. The depigmentation results from melanocytes loss. Langerhans cells (immune cells) are thought to play a major immunological role in vitiligo(21). Imbalance in the normal interactions between keratinocytes, melanocytes, and Langerhans cells is thought to initiate the depigmentation.

Vitiligo Organics

About Vitiligo Organics

Like other modern, pharmaceutical preparations, this medicine and its active ingredients are backed by science, including several human clinical trials.

Unlike some other products, it’s been designed to provide a wide-ranging and multifaceted approach to addressing several different, key aspects of the disease including

  • Suppressing immune cells(25) thought to be active in spreading vitiligo within the skin(30), and
  • Quenching excess hydrogen peroxide, a by-product of melanin production that contributes to melanocyte death, and
  • Promoting the growth of melanocytes and
  • Stimulating melanin production


These combined activities can help to normalise skin biology and to restore normal, healthy pigmentation

Working Mechanism of Active Ingredients


Each of the active ingredients has different activities, each targeting complementary outcomes, providing a comprehensive approach to normalising skin function and pigmentation.

Vitiligo Organics

Why Try Vitiligo Organics?

Vitiligo Organics is well known and trusted vitiligo medicine for over a decade. It is listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, having satisfied the requirements for purity, quality, safety, and effectiveness. It is manufactured in TGA licensed facility, by qualified and authorised professionals, using ingredients and processes that have been validated and verified. TGA is a similar regulatory authority in Australia as FDA in the United States.

Every aspect of the Manufacturing and Quality Control is carefully managed, from the chemical fingerprint identity verification of all the herbs, through to the manufacture, product testing and packaging processes. Following the latest science, we source every ingredient for the highest possible quality and efficacy. No compromise to the quality and unique scientific formulation makes Vitiligo Organics extremely effective.

Vitiligo Organics is one of very few, authentic medicines that takes a comprehensive, multifaceted science-based approach remedying the symptoms of vitiligo; and readdressing what are considered to be some of the underlying causes and consequences of the disease. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we sincerely believe that this product can and does help reversing the symptoms of vitiligo; and that both tradition and modern scientific evidence support its use.